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It might not be one of the largest regions of Tunisia, but the small coastal town of Tabarka certainly has plenty to offer visitors.

best tabarka hotels

Famous for its coral fishing as well as a jazz festival, it would be fair to say there are a variety of attractions to suit a whole host of tourists.

Additionally, and as most people are probably aware of, there is a famous offshore rock. This houses a Genoese castle and suffice to say, this is one of the prime reasons while people will take a day trip to the area.

However, if you’re in Tabarka for a longer period of time, some form of accommodation is required. As you may have probably gathered, there is plenty to attract visitors here in the first place, which means that there is a decent supply of hotels. Here, we’ll take a look at ten of the best.

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Mehari Tabarka

Mehari hotel Tabarka tunisia

Situated right next to the beach, Mehari Tabarka is ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. As well as having easy access to the sea (and the glorious sea views that most rooms arrive with we should add), you’ll also be gifted a gigantic swimming pool which is ideal for all of the family.

While there is an animation team on hand at this establishment, it would be fair to say that it’s quieter than others we will look at through the course of this guide. This should not detract from its qualities though; it’s a fantastic choice and if you are a particular fan of Italian food, Mehari Tabarka will completely satisfy you on that note as this is its specialty.


La Cigale Tabarka

La Cigale hotel Tabarka tunisia

Next on the list is another hotel which effectively has the beach as its garden, with visitors to La Cigale Tabarka being a stone’s throw away from the ocean.

However, this isn’t the main point which visitors pick up on. Instead, it’s the friendliness of the staff and unlike some large resorts which may not “personalize” your visit, this certainly won’t occur at this establishment. Instead, each guest is provided with the attentiveness that is sometimes neglected at large chains, and it means that your stay will always be completely hassle-free.

The pool is also worthy of a mention and sits right at the back of the hotel, allowing you to almost literally hop between it and the beach. Again, it makes it fantastic for visiting families.


Les Mimosas

Les Mimosas hotel Tabarka tunisia

This hotel isn’t the most modern around, but don’t let first impressions put you off by any stretch of the imagination. Inside this old building is a hotel which is exceptionally clean and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Les Mimosas is smaller than some other hotels in Tabarka, with the pools falling into this category as well. Nevertheless, with the beach nearby, most guests won’t find this factor an issue whatsoever.

It’s also worth mentioning that the shops are just a two minute walk, while the marina is nearby as well. Ultimately, it means that you don’t need to move too far away from the resort to make the most of your stay in Tabarka.


Hotel Dar Ismail

Hotel Dar Ismail hotel Tabarka tunisia

The entrance to Hotel Dar Ismail is extravagant and fortunately, a similar theme runs through this establishment.

One could pen a whole travel brochure on the state of the swimming pool area – not only is it enormous in size, but it also encompasses a variety of bends and shapes which means it’s not your standard, resort-like run of the mill pool. Additionally, there are various fountains and children’s attractions that just make it perfect for families.

The state of the rooms inside Hotel Dar Ismail are modern and clean and in general, this is a hotel which completely lives up to its five star rating.


Royal Golf Hotel Tabarka

Royal Golf hotel Tabarka tunisia

As the name may suggest, this next hotel is sat within the grounds of a golf course. While the golf course is obviously one of the big features, there is archery, table tennis, beach volleyball, mini ball, tennis and a whole host of other sporting activities that are available to visiting guests.

It goes without saying that there is also an on-site pool, which has plenty of room for seating around it. With the beach just 200m away, there’s no doubt that the Royal Golf Hotel is perfect for those visitors who like to be active on their vacation.


Abou Nawas Montazah Tabarka

Abou Nawas Montazah hotel Tabarka tunisia

Once again, the beach is key to this hotel and is situated right on the boundary. The strip of sand that runs adjacent to it has plenty of umbrellas and sun loungers – making it quite different to a lot of resorts that are blessed with a beach.

The animation team at Abou Nawas Montazah are regarded as some of the more active around and will do anything to make your stay more vibrant. Additionally, the food is worthy of a mention and even if your family is particularly picky, there are umpteen choices to satisfy everyone.


Hotel Itropika Beach

Itropika Beach hotel Tabarka tunisia

An old building, Hotel Itropika Beach regularly attracts families from around the world. This is mainly due to its location as it is situated within walking distance of Tabarka.

Unlike a lot of the other establishments we have looked at, this is a hotel which is ideal during the colder months as well due to its indoor pool and spa area. It also has a good-sized outdoor pool, with an ample amount of seating.


VClub Tabarka

VClub Tabarka hotel Tabarka tunisia

This is another hotel in our guide which is tailored to families and again, if you’re thinking of visiting in the winter, it has a range of indoor activities including a spa area that can make this ideal.

VClub Tarbarka is also always renowned for its animations team, who are always attempting to go the extra mile and keep yours, and more so your children’s, stay even more enjoyable. They are incredibly enthusiastic and it means that boredom is never an issue.

It has all of the basic amenities you would expect from a hotel catering to families, including a large pool area which is adjacent to the beach.


Golf Beach Hotel

Golf Beach Hotel Tabarka tunisia

Despite what the name may imply, there is actually little focus on golf when it comes to the Golf Beach Hotel in Tabarka. Instead, the primary aim of the establishment seems to focus on the beach element – with this based right on the boundary.

However, most guests may not even feel a need to venture out that far. The pools available to guests are fantastic to say the least, with the main one absolutely huge in size.

Most rooms also come with a small balcony which tends to offer picturesque views of the sea.


Yadis Morjane Tabarka

Yadis Morjane Hotel Tabarka tunisia

This is one of the more older and traditional hotels in Tabarka, and this is perhaps apparent through the cuisine which you are served – which is largely Tunisian.

Like the majority of establishments on our list, Yadis Morjane is based near the sea and you’ll therefore be blessed with glorious views from the rooms. As well as having handy access to the beach, there is a decent-sized swimming pool available for guests to use.

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