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The fact that Tozeur is based around an Oasis and surrounded by palm trees makes it a destination which is obvious for tourism.

When you also consider that the Sahara is virtually on the doorstep, it stands to reason that demand for accommodation in Tozeur can be quite high.

Fortunately, the supply pretty much matches this. There are countless hotels to choose from and through this guide we’ll take a look at ten which are regarded as the best in the area.

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Hotel Ras El Ain Tozeur

Hotel Ras El Ain Tozeur

Based right in the center of Tozeur, the old phrase of “location, location, location” couldn’t be more apt with Hotel Ras El Ain Tozeur.

Of course, there is plenty more to it which makes it one of the best in the region. In comparison with other establishments in Tozeur, it would be fair to say that this one is a little more modern.

The surrounding gardens are well-kept and pleasant to stay in, while the outdoor pool is another factor which makes Hotel Ras El Ain Tozeur worthy of a visit. Additionally, again in contrast to some hotels, the pool here is open until midnight which can be perfect in the summer months.

The food is served in buffet-style and is always remarked on for the right reasons.


Eldorador Ksar Rouge

Eldorador Ksar Rouge Tozeur hotel

Next on our list is Eldorador Ksar Rouge; another hotel which oozes beauty and looks great on the eye from the exterior.

The theme that runs through this hotel is Moroccan, which generally pleases guests; while the whole place just has that “premium” and “luxurious” feel to it.

The staff are known for their attentiveness and the bar on the resort is always applauded by previous guests. If you are looking to get around Tozeur during your stay, this hotel has particularly good transport links which can make sightseeing all the more easier.


El Mouradi Tozeur

El Mouradi Tozeur Tozeur hotel

The El Mouradi Tozeur is surrounded by an enormous outdoor pool, making it ideal for visiting families. In fact, the whole hotel seems to concentrate on the “large” theme, with the rooms being sized much bigger than what most hotels offer.

Again, it means that families are particularly well catered for.

The pool happens to be open until the early hours, while guests are always complimentary about the bar which is vibrant and staffed by enthusiastic members of the hotel team.

Once again, we should add a note on its location. It’s situated relatively close to the old town, as well as several museums, making it ideal for those guests who wish to get out and about and explore Tozeur.


La Palmeraie

La Palmeraie Tozeur hotel

So far, we’ve looked at some modern hotels through Tozeur and on first appearance this goes completely against this trend. La Palmeraie is based in one of the most attractive buildings around and many guests are taken aback by the surroundings when they first arrive.

Additionally, this is another hotel which is generally spacious. From the lobby, to the rooms, space won’t be an issue which can make it suitable for families.

The whole theme is certainly traditional, but this is often appreciated by visitors. The pool is large and sits in the middle of the grounds, with plenty of seating nearby. The food that’s on offer at this establishment is always described as varied as well and you will be able to dine on multiple cuisines due to the extensive buffet menu.


Palm Beach Palace Tozeur

Palm Beach Palace Tozeur hotel

As the name of this next hotel will probably give away, the Palm Beach Palace Tozeur is situated right beside the sea. Ultimately, it’s going to be a huge trap for families who can almost literally leap straight out of bed and onto white sands.

Of course, if you’d rather stay on the resort, there’s still a pool to take advantage of. In contrast to many hotels in Tozeur, the Palm Beach Palace Tozeur lives up to its “Palace” name by offering an indoor pool for when the temperature drops as well.

While the food at all of the hotels we have looked at has always been applauded, the dishes on offer at this establishment are regarded as some of the best in the region. Many guests don’t feel the need to venture out to other restaurants, which speaks volumes about the taste and service.


Dar Tozeur

Dar Tozeur Tozeur hotel

It could be said that Dar Tozeur is housed in something of a rustic building – but don’t let that dissuade you from going as it creates a really charming vibe. The architecture is simply fantastic and this alone should make this hotel worthy of a stay.

Something else which is particularly impressive is the attentiveness of the staff. They tend to go completely above board, with the owner even making an effort to introduce himself, which can just make your whole experience feel completely warm.


Yadis Tozeur Oasis

Yadis Tozeur Oasis Tozeur hotel

This is another hotel which takes pride in its rustic appearance and if you are looking for traditional Tozeur, this could be an extremely viable option.

As well as the architecture, another mention has to be given to the pool which is exceptionally pleasant and split into two areas. Palm trees surround this area, while there is sufficient space around the edges of the water to sunbathe and take advantage of the summer temperatures.

The rooms are in general very decent and some are even blessed with spacious balconies. Again, it’s something else that makes the Yadis Tozeur Oasis perfect if you’re looking to get away and sample the Tozeur weather and environment.


Ksar Jerid Hotel

Ksar Jerid Hotel

Like most of the hotels we have covered, the Ksar Jerid Hotel is one that is blessed with a beautiful building. In the middle of the grounds is the pool area; which is comprised of a main pool and a children’s swimming area. With plenty of seating adjacent to this area, it means that it’s immediately a perfect place for families.

The staff who work at the Ksar Jerid Hotel are renowned for their friendliness and subsequently, you will be provided with very good service during meal times.

The establishment is also located perfectly for the town, which is just several minutes’ walk away.


Warda Residence

Warda Residence Tozeur hotel

A lot of people will stay at Warda Residence just so they can visit the Star Wars attraction – which speaks volumes about its proximity.

Naturally, this isn’t the only reason why the Warda Residence is proving to be one of the more impressive hotels in Tozeur and it also happens to be situated next to several decent local restaurants, which means that your eating choices are immediately widened.

In comparison to some of the other establishments, this isn’t somewhere which is going to prove exotic and restful. Instead, it’s designed for those visitors who want to take advantage of all of what Tozeur has to offer – whilst staying in a traditional, quiet hotel in the process.


Hotel Residence Karim

Hotel Residence Karim Tozeur hotel

If you are looking to visit Tozeur and mingle with the locals, there’s no doubt that Hotel Residence Karim could be one of your top picks. Many locals often opt to stay in this hotel, which is quiet, traditional and serves all of the purposes you would expect from such a resort.

The deco that is featured around the hotel is visually stunning, while there are plenty of walkways and balconies which will allow you to take in all of the local sights.

Again, it’s not going to be suited for someone who wants a relaxing break – but for experiencing Tozeur, Hotel Residence Karim is certainly up there with the best.

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