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Bizerte is the oldest city in Tunisia, the northernmost city in Africa. Bizerte lies along the Mediterranean coast. Bizerte is the least Tunisian, and the most French, city in Tunisia. Inexpensive to reach, Bizerte is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. Offering lagoons, extravagant wildlife, beaches and healing sunshine, Bizerte is exotic and lush offering diversified activities .


Bizerte is known for its beaches. Visitors will relax at the resort- like Sidi Salem, a wide sandy beach framed by bougainvillea-draped gardens. Other beautiful beaches include La Grotte, Rasenjela and Al Rimel, all expanses of white sand. Holiday travelers wanting a romantic stroll will feel as though they are on their own private beach. Those wishing to play in the blue waters will love Lac de Bizerte. Accessible by yacht or tender, Lac de Bizerte offers the latest exciting water sports.
On entering the Port of Bizerte, vacationers will marvel at the Kasbah. The Kasbah was originally a Byzantine fort built in the 6th century AD. There is a smaller fort that houses an oceanographic museum, to the delight of visitors. The walls of the Kasbah and the Fort Hani, opposite it, form a protective wall around the dock.


Kasbah Bizerte


Holiday travelers will be charmed by the fisherman mending nets, their brightly colored boats against the deep blue water. The port is in contrast to historic scenery. A vibrant and eclectic mix of fisherman, cafés, shops and the market intertwine with the busy port. Currently, the Port of Bizerte is being developed into Goga Superyacht Marina, and will have berths for yachts of up to 110m in length.


Outside the historic district is Fort Espanola, built by Algerians. The entertaining Bizerte Festival is held at the theater, located on the steps to the fort. The Bizerte Festival will enthrall Holiday vacationers, as artists from around the world come to perform the Arabic music.

Both local and tourists unite to dance and celebrate during this wonderful festival.


Bizerte Theater


Holiday vacationers will rave about Bizerte cuisine. The Restaurant Phénicien is acclaimed as one of the best fish restaurants in the Mediterranean.

The Phénicien is designed to resemble an ancient Phoenician war barge from the 3rd century B.C. Upon entering the restaurant, tourists will be amazed to find glass panels in which to view the fish swimming under the barge! The menu includes mouth-watering foods such as grilled calamari with parsley, tomato and lemon, marine-style mussels and Quattro Formaggi Penne, at reasonable prices.




Holiday travelers must bring their cameras to Ichkeul National Park and Ichkeul Lake, located approximately 30 kilometers southwest. This freshwater lake, well stocked with fish, is unusual; it has both fresh and salt water. The marshland is an important area for a multitude of migrating birds that stop there.


On the south side is a nature preserve, and on the north side the recently opened Museum of Ecology. Endangered, water buffalo can be viewed, awing visitors with their stupendous height and one ton weight.


Bizerte, offering white sand beaches and a temperate climate in which to explore its many wonders, is the perfect holiday vacation.

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