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This charming city in the South West of Tunisia is based around a large Oasis famous for its Palm trees and production of dates, which are exported around the world. The city is a good place to glimpse the Sahara from and take in traditional Tunisian culture including a wide range of architectural styles.



Tozeur was historically an important stopping point for caravans crossing the Sahara, a place to rest and refuel before heading deeper into the dessert. It was also used as an important Roman outpost and has since been ruled by a variety of tribes including the Berbers for much of its history, who have perhaps the most influence on the city’s historic architecture.


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Getting to Tozeur is time consuming but worthwhile, it is a place which would be teaming with tourists if it was easy to get to but remains largely unspoilt yet with good facilities for the tourists who do come here. The main and most convenient way in to Tozeur is by overnight train from Tunis.


What to See

The Medina, the old city, of Tozeur is where you will find the most historic and beautiful buildings, some are magnificent in their detail but most are more humble but still stand distinctive and proud: integral parts of the city that have stood for hundreds of years.


Tours and trips

From Tozeur you can also reach the Sahara easily, by Camel if you wish;. There are a wide number of different tours which may take in a number of Saharan villages nearby as well as the Palmaries. Though not for everyone those with an interest in film will love visiting the scene of much of Star wars:

A New Hope’s filming for scenes set of Tatooine which has been used for subsequent Star Wars films as well. For those accompanying Star Wars fans the sites in the dessert are themselves breath-taking and well worth a visit. Another breath-taking site is the dry lake: vast and barren yet picturesque a causeway across the lake is the best place to take photos from.


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What to do

Tozeur’s zoo features many animals from north and sub Saharan Africa as well as the Sahara itself and may be worth a visit. The Hamman, A North African version of a Turkish Bath, is also worth visiting for a different yet relaxing experience, though you will need to remember your swimsuit and a towel and soap.
Food and Drink

Camels as well as being available to ride from Tozeur are also available to eat along with other traditional Tunisian food such as Cous Cous and lamb kebabs and steaks. Alcohol is only available from a small number of hotel bars but non alcoholic beers are widely available and may be a better option anyway in the heat of the dessert.


Tozeur Map and Places to stay

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