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Located just north of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is the town of Sidi Bou Said. The entire town is located on top of a steep cliff, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The view from Sidi Bou Said is absolutely phenomenal, and will continue to amaze you throughout your entire trip.

The entire town is simply beautiful, with flowers draped from almost every wall and doorway, and beautiful flowing vines hanging throughout the entire area. Sidi Bou Said is so beautiful, in fact, that many artists have taken up residence here.The town is also said to have inspired famous artist Paul Klee, and famous writer Andre Gide.


Sidi Bou Said - Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia


Sidi Bou Said is an excellent “base of operations” for your trip to Tunisia. Since it is located very close to Tunis, there is plenty of things to do in and around the town. The streets of Sidi Bou Said, most of which are quaint cobbled streets, are lined for the most part with souvenir shops, cafe’s, and art shops. The entire town has an intense feel of artistry and craftsmanship, and the locals are very proud of their town, and don’t hesitate to show it off.

Much of the town is quiet, and inhabited mostly by locals going about their daily business. Other areas are aimed more towards tourists. If you want to stay in one of Tunisia’s nicest hotels, be sure to visit Dar Said in Sidi Bou Said. The hotel itself is amazing, rivaling popular Vegas and Hawaii hotels. And surrounding the hotel is an expensive district of quality restaurants and shops. Excellent views exist almost everywhere in Sidi Bou Said, and you’ll find no shortage of activities to try.


Sidi Bou Said - Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia


During the day, Sidi Bou Said is a thriving metropolis, with tourists everywhere. It is a common stop for tour groups, most of which originate in the capital city of Tunis. At night, the town quiets down a lot, and is very relaxing.

There are tons of things to do in and around Sidi Bou Said. Exploring the Roman Ruins of Carthage should be high up on your list of activities, as should visiting the Souk, which is the local market. Vendors of all shapes and sizes gather daily to sell at the Souk, and you can find some truly amazing and unique items here.

While you can drive in Sidi Bou Said, much of the streets are crowded both with other cars, and pedestrians. The best way to see the sights, and truly let everything sink in, is to walk around the city. Or, you can find a vendor who rents out bicycles or mopeds, and travel around like that. If you simply drive through the town, you will miss most of the sites that people come to Sidi Bou Said to see.

Also, before you leave, be sure to explore the outskirts of the town. These areas have much less tourists, and are therefore much cheaper. Plus, many areas are literally on the edge of a cliff, which makes for some amazing views of the Bay of Tunis and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Sidi Bou Said Map and Places to stay



Why Visit Sidi Bou Said?

While all of Tunisia is beautiful, Sidi Bou Said tends to blow most places directly out of the water. Most of the buildings are painted in white and blue, a stunning contrast to the land and a very complimentary to the sea that borders it.

The town has cobbled streets, beautiful buildings. and a vibrant atmosphere they really give the town a certain charm.

Of course, you can’t forget about the views. It is a sea town, after all. Stand on the cliff’s edge overlooking the vast Gulf of Tunis that sweeps across your sights. With the bright sun glinting off the waves and the cool breeze washing over you on a sunny day, you honestly can’t ask for a better time.

The beauty is a huge factor contributing to people’s love of the town, but that isn’t all. There are still unique sights to see that people love exploring to find.


When is the Best Time To Visit Sidi Bou Said?

Even if you go to Sidi Bou Said in the winter, you’re likely to find it warm and sunny. If you’re not too into crowds, you’re going to want to go sometime in March to early April, or October to November. This is because there aren’t any major holiday packages, so there won’t be too many people hanging around.

If you are in Tunisia and are deciding to go ahead and travel over to the small town, you’re going to want to go early. The earlier, the better, in fact. Doing so will allow you to wander the town before the flood of tourists come in.


How to Get to Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said can be found on the peninsula on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, sat on the northern side of the Gulf of Tunis. It’s only 20 km away from Tunis, the county’s capital. Its close proximity to such a prominent town makes it a very easy trip.

If you want to get there, you can find frequent trains on the TGM line that heads over towards the small shorefront town. It departs from the Tunis Marine station, at the edge of the center of the capital and just near the Clock Tower. Of course, you do need to buy a ticket, which is only 1 TND, or $ 0.33 and €0.33. Getting the ticket and boarding the train is hassle-free, and there’s no need to validate your ticket.

Soon enough, the train will be off and you’ll start heading towards Sidi Bou Said. It’s the 14th station counting from Tunis Marine. To get back, you just have to go back to that same station and you’ll be in Tunis again.

Taking the ride there is not only simple, but very rewarding.

The train ride takes around 30-40 minutes, so it’s not too bad as long as you have your phone or book. Unfortunately, the seats aren’t all that comfortable and even tend to be quite crowded, but nonetheless, you should feel safe when getting on that train.


How to Travel Around Sidi Bou Said

The best wait to see Sidi Bou Said is through the old-fashioned way: walking. Not only are there little options for any other way, but walking allows you the chance to take everything in. Don’t worry about distance, though — you aren’t in London or anything. Thankfully small towns tend to be relatively compact, and Sidi Bou Said is no different.

Leaving the station, taking a look around, and coming back is relatively easy, and you should find yourself back within Tunis in a day or so.


What to See in Sidi Bou Said

While the beauty of the town is quite spectacular, there are amazing pieces of art to see or little landmarks to discover that you will find spectacular.

Are just some of the many pieces of beauty that tourists love to see. Remember that while these are great attractions, many of these are connected to the town’s history and culture, so you’ll be getting a peek into a world that is so different from ours.

If Tunisia is known for one thing, it’s the beautifully crafted doors. Sidi Bou Said has some of the most remarkable doors you’ll ever see, with beautiful patterns adorning the woodwork. You’re going to find quite a few of them while walking through the town, so long as you’re paying proper attention.

The town offers amazing viewpoints for those who would like to get a nice photo to treasure this beautiful town at the end if Main Street is a nice place for some pictures, but I greatly suggest going to Rue Taieb Mhiri, which is only a short walk away. You can take lovely photos of nearly the entire town, as well as a great view of the Mediterranean.

For a few dollars, you can visit Dar El Annabi, where you can see what a traditional house from 18th century Tunisia looks like, as well as learn more about the aristocracy and religion of the time. You’ll find the interior to be fascinating, as well as the artifacts and clothing within.

Check out the backstreets. While most stick to Main Street and are more clean and polished for tourists, the backstreets are just as interesting; you’ll even see some cool graffiti and murals.

There is also a wonderful souvenir shop!

Once your eyes are sore and your feet are tired, why not try one of the local restaurants and enjoy some Tunisian cuisine? It’s a perfect way to punctuate your trip and enjoy some good food.


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