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There is so much to do in Tunisia. If you could pick the best of every place – the oceans, the sands, the cultures, the friendly people – and put it all into one place, it would probably look something a little like Tunisia. It suits almost every need you could possibly have. It is a great place to book a vacation.
That said, unless you live nearby, you will likely need to fly into the country. There are a few things to consider.




If you have done a fair amount of traveling, you already know that the quality of an airline is important. High quality airlines will make a trip pleasant, while more questionable companies may make you uncomfortable for the duration of what could be a long flight. Perhaps the most reputable airline in Tunisia is it’s national one: TunisAir. It was founded in the 1940’s and flies out to numerous countries in the world. Most of the time if you are flying into Tunisia, this is the way to go.




There are a lot of airports in the country (as you might expect). Some airports are right in the heart of Tunisia life, booming with people, activities and amenities. Other offer fewer amenities but will still help you get where you need to go. Remember you should be flying into the area you want to spend your vacation in!

Here is just a sampling of where you could land:

Tunis Carthage Internatinal Airport:

this airport will land you right in the middle of the action and is a great place for tourists to fly into. Hotels, traveling information and more are all readily available here.


Tunis Carthage Internatinal Airport


Monastir Habib Bourgiba International Airport:

Another airport that places you right where you (probably) want to be, this location makes it easy to pull money, do currency exchanges, see a doctor and feel a little fancy in the VIP section.


Monastir Habib Bourgiba International Airport


Tabarka International Airport:

Tabarka is a one of the major touristic destinations,  you can drop off a few postcards, get some money and do a little shopping.


Tabarka International Airport


Tozeur Nefta International Airport:

Another bare-bones location, there’s nothing fancy about this airport, but there is all your basic necessities, including tourist information and access to money – there’s even a few places to grab a post-flight drink with your friends.


Tozeur Nefta International Airport


Other popular airports include Sfax Thyna International Airport, and – of course, Djerba Zarzis International Airport.Speak to a travel agent about the details of where your particular flight will be landing to help you prepare in advance



Booking a Flight

Remember to book your flight to Tunisia in advance (rather than waiting for the last minute, as you don’t want to miss out because there are no flights available). And, consider making your return easy by making it a roundtrip. This may also save you money. Booking in advance can also save you money, as flights get more expensive as time passes.

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