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As anyone will testify, as soon as you take to the skies a lot of so-called normal tasks suddenly become a lot more complicated. Anything from eating to general hygiene can become a lot more difficult and something else that falls into this category, as the title today suggests, is makeup.

Makeup tips while travelling

That’s right, staying beautiful on the move is easier said than done. Sure, you can perform your usual routine before you travel, but beyond that and the hassle-factor can creep in, and everything starts to go wrong.

Following on from the above, let’s now take a look at eight of the best beauty tips you can tap into if you are about to jet off on your travels.


Use liner to look more awake

As we all know, travel can take it out of us. Even though the excitement-factor might be building as you take to the sky, it’s all a bit tiring and this can be spotted pretty quickly through your appearance.

So, what’s the solution? This is where liner steps into the picture. A quick swipe of eyeliner to your upper lashes can immediately bring out the best of your eyes, and make them seem more awake than they really are.


Extend the life of your cosmetics

One of the big problems about staying beautiful whilst traveling is that most products tend to wear off after a few hours. Unless you are hopping on a short-haul flight, this poses a problem.

It means that you need to get a little more creative with your products. At this point, some of you might start to talk about long-wear lipsticks. Unfortunately, while these might sound perfect in principle, they are very dry and this effect can take its toll after a while.

Therefore, in relation to the lips at least, start by applying a small amount of concealer to them. Then, fill them in with lip liner, before then applying your lipstick over the top.

If you need your eyeshadow and blush to go a little further, turn to a translucent powder beforehand. This effectively provides an adhesive surface for the products, and keeps them in place for longer.


Tackle breakouts in simple fashion

In usual circumstances, a breakout is something of a disaster. When you are traveling, you don’t have the resources to tackle it in the same way that you usually would.

This means that you need to take the appropriate steps. Take some Visine, apply it to a cotton swab, and apply to your pimple. Then, grab a piece of tissue and dab it to remove any excess moisture. You’ll quickly find that the blemish starts to reduce, and it’s panic over.


The fast way to tackle smudging

Like a lot of the issues we are discussing today, smudging usually takes a bit of a procedure to correct. Well, with time and general resources in short supply in the sky, you need a different approach.

This is where you turn to a creamy concealer. Apply it to the affected area, and watch the smudge start to blend out. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s better than starting the whole process again and washing off all of your mascara.


Another method to tackle tiredness

One of the common themes through today’s guide has been tiredness, and just how your skin reacts so badly to traveling. One of these effects revolves around dark circles around your eye.

For this suggestion, you’ll need to arm yourself with a fairly neutral eyeshadow. This means that it needs to blend into your skin, and not emphasize the “tired” points of your eyes. Not only that, but you should turn to a concealer or primer that has an apricot shade. This will start to disguise the black circles, and ultimately make you look much more awake than you really are.

If you are looking to heighten the effect, add a bit of mascara to the pallet. This time, you’ll need to add it only to the top of your lashes, making sure that it really finds its way into the roots.


The wonders of cream makeup

It might not be your choice of makeup on a standard day, but as you have probably already realised through the course of today’s article this is anything but a standard day. You do have to make compromises, and a cream makeup is one of these.

So, what makes a cream makeup so powerful when it comes to travel? Put simply, this is very hard to overdo. Cream makeups are able to melt into the skin and just don’t require as much blending. This lack of blending means that you don’t have to use umpteen brushes to get everything in order, either.

Of course, some of you might be suggesting that you just can’t “join the dark side” and opt for cream makeup. If you do fall into this group, at least compromise in a different way. Turn to a smaller brush, which will give you more control with your powder makeup and also reduce the risk of it splattering everywhere when you apply it. If you are insistent on this approach, remember that the powder will probably be applied in a barely-light bathroom, and the end result is going to be much different to what usually occurs in the comfort of your own facilities.


Static hair: end the problem for good

It’s a well-known fact, airplane headrests are an absolute nightmare for hair. They rub against it and in no time at all, you are left with a static mess. By the end of the journey, it looks as though you have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

In a bid to control the frizz, there’s a simple yet unorthodox solution. This comes in the form of using hand cream. Take a small amount (no more than a pea size) and massage it through your hair. If you want to give a little extra oomph, turn to some lip balm as well. It might sound ridiculous, but a combination of these two products in your hair can make those annoying strands of wayward hair finally stay in place.


Keep your big hitting products for the vacation itself

Finally, as much as it might be tempting to jump on a plane with your full face of makeup, we would urge you to reconsider. This is the point in your trip where your skin will be dehydrated to the maximum; traveling on a plane really does sap all of the moisture out of your skin and cause all of the issues that we have spoken about already.

As such, only apply makeup in moderation. Try and apply gel-based moisturizer, as this is something that will absorb into your skin really quickly and also dry in similar speeds.

If you happen to be in a hurry before you jump on the plane, turn to concealer and apply on the sharp features of your face. By this we mean the bridge of your nose, chin, cheekbones and foreheads. Once this is in place, blend it with a light lotion and your face will be completely ready for your time in the sky.


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