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It’s become one of the go-to destinations for tourists, with Tunisia boasting some attractions and experiences that simply cannot be rivalled.

When you combine this with the climate, you’ve just found your perfect holiday destination.

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However, we’re not here to sell Tunisia as a whole (or anything else for that matter). Instead, we’re going to concentrate on those visitors who don’t quite know what to do when they arrive there.

With the country having so many attractions, here are some of the travel packages and trips you can take advantage of to really make the most of your getaway.

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Classic Safari Tour From Hammamet

tamerza day tour

It might be dubbed the safari tour, but this experience offers much more than the name suggests.

First and foremost, it starts out in the hugely popular area of El Jem.

Home to the second largest amphitheatre in the world (which also happens to be largely preserved), it attracts countless tourists who visit to either admire the architecture, or take part in one of the umpteen festivals.

Then, when the trip takes more of a safari turn, things start to get even more cultural. You’ll embark on treks through picturesque landscapes, with Matmata and Chott El Jerid arguably being the pick of the bunch.

You’ll also get to see a different type of culture, with Matmata being used for the very first Star Wars film in 1976.

With the tour also taking you through Kairouan, the religious capital, as well as option camel rides and other excursions, this really is the excursion that allows you to see the very best of the country.

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Sahara Explorer From Hammamet

red lezard train sahra tour

For those with slightly less time, the Sahara Explorer tour might be more appropriate. This spans over just two days, but still manages to cram in all of the special attractions of the country.

For example, El Jem is still first on the itinerary, allowing tourists to visit the famous amphitheatre and the various museums that are dotted around the region.

Similarly, Matmata, Chott El Jerid and Tozeur are all included in there. The only exclusion falls in the form of The Mountain Oases – which is hardly surprising as this consumes most of the third day of the previous tour we looked at.

Bearing this in mind, if you are short on time and are happy to condense more attractions into a tighter schedule, the Sahara Explorer could be the perfect way to achieve this and still see the bulk of Tunisia’s main Sahara attractions.

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Tunis, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said Full Day Trip From Hammamet


As the name suggests, this next trip that we recommend takes just the one day. Nevertheless, with the total duration being eight hours, it’s one trip which again allows you to get as much value as possible from the country.

The trip takes a different form to the previous couple that have been looked at and is arguably more cultural. Rather than concentrating on the Sahara, this tour starts in Carthage which happens to be the first UNESCO archaeological site.

This in itself is a reason to visit the area (after all, UNESCO sites are highly regarded for their beauty), but this also used to be the capital of Tunisia.

It holds its own amphitheatre, as well as the Punic Ports, The Tophet and Byrsa Hill – allowing you to see countless landmarks during your short stay there.

Then, the trip takes a turn for Sidi Bou Said. This is also a UNESCO site, with the architecture being beyond comprehendible. It’s regularly cited as providing inspiration for artists and musicians – highlighting again that this excursion is great for the culturist out there.

The tour concludes in one of the more touristic places of Tunisia, in the form of Tunis. Again, culture is high on the agenda here, with the Souks and shops often proving popular with visitors.

The Medina is worth a special mention as well and allows you to bask in Turkish, Arab and Muslim culture all-in-one.

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Kairouan and El Jem Day Trip From Hammamet

el djem day trip

Again, the name says everything you need to know about the duration of this trip. It concentrates on two of the most popular areas of Tunisia, with both Kairouan and El Jem attracting masses of tourists on an annual basis.

The excursion starts at 7.30, with a short journey concluding in Kairouan which is classed as the city of 100 mosques. Anyone who is interested in Tunisian culture, religion or just general history will be in their element here, with the city built by the Arab Muslim community in mid-7th century.

As well as the Medina and Great Mosque which always attract a lot of attention, there are also the Makroudh cakes which we’d urge anyone to try!

Next, and last for that matter, on the schedule is a trip to El Jem. As we’ve already demonstrated through other trips we’ve featured through this guide, this is mainly famous for its amphitheatre.

However, there are other attractions, with many people on this tour heading over to the mosaic museum which features the largest fully restored home.

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Panoramic Cap Bon Full Day Trip From Hammamet

cap bon day trip

The final feature on our list comes in the form of another day trip. This one will result in you visiting no fewer than four different places, so it certainly condenses a lot of activities into such a short space of time.

Starting from Hammamet, you will progress to the town of Nabeul. This is yet another region in Tunisia which boasts terrific culture and history, with its pottery and ceramics highly regarded.

There is also a market held there every Friday, which is worth a visit if your trip allows.

The next place on the itinerary can also feature a market, with Haouaria’s held on a Friday as well. Again, even if you miss this event, there’s plenty else to see.

Just 900 people reside in Haouaria and the fact it is classed as the “country of eagles” should tell you everything you need to know about what it entails.

The final stop is another quiet location, with Korbous’ regarded as the “Fruit Garden”.

This is arguably the most beautiful place on the itinerary, with Korbous boasting some picturesque rock pools. It tends to attract wealthy Tunisians, who come to bathe in the mineral-intense water which is heated underground.

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