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When it comes to holidays, some people think relaxation: a chance to read a good book, lay out in a hammock or simply sleep in; others want action. If you seek action, and you’re vacationing in a country such as Tunisia, consider getting your blood pumping with a sport such as paintball.


paintball tunisia



What is Paintball?


Paintball is an active sport where participants are handed a supply of paintballs (simply small capsules filled with gelatinous paint), markers (used to shoot the balls) and a mask, and then engage in mock warfare – sometimes playing to the last man or a variant of capture the flag.


It can be painful, especially if hit at a close range, but if you have enough adrenaline flowing you might not notice until the bruise shows up.



Some Considerations


If you are an avid paintball player, you may want to bring your own equipment. Most facilities in Tunisia allow for players to bring their own equipment (provided they meet safety standards) and play at a reduced price. The downside is that this will likely take up some of your luggage space, so you will have to weigh the field savings against the price of losing valuable storage space.



Also, remember that safety standards may vary according to country, so your regulation-friendly gear may not meet the standards for paintballing in Tunisia. Check with your facility of choice to determine if your gear (including your paint balls) is up to par. And, if you aren’t sure how to go about accomplishing these steps, ask your travel agent! They are frequently capable of setting up reservations in your name.


paintball in tunisia


Paintball Tunsie


PaintBall Tunsie is perhaps the major facilitator of the game in Tunisia. They have a variety of locations, with fields in Hummamet, Jerba, Tunis and more. Their standard rates are available on their website and include safety guidelines, examples of brands used on-site, pictures and videos of previous players, contact numbers and rates.


By reviewing this page, interested parties can gain an idea of what the playing experience would be like at this field and what would be expected of them.


paintball in tunisia


Something Different


If you find yourself in Tunisia and want to play a different version of the game, consider bringing (or purchasing) your own markers and paintballs, and playing in the great Tunisian outdoors. The desert dunes, for one, could make an excellent paintball field for the skilled player. Just remember to make sure to check out locals laws which may regular your games.

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