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It can be difficult at the best of times to find suitable nightlife whilst traveling abroad, but when many of the bars and clubs in the area you’re going don’t serve alcohol it would be fair to say that life gets even harder.

nightlife in tunis tunisia

This is exactly the case in Tunis – although if you travel to the region with some local knowledge you can find the best places to go in the evening.

Sure, it might not be as active as some other areas of Tunisia such as Hammamet or Sousse. It also might not have the nightlife establishments we are used to; nightclubs are not really a thing here and you’re much more likely to find yourself in a quiet bar.

Nevertheless, there are options. Here are some of the best places in Tunis to enjoy the area’s nightlife.


Le Carpe Diem

Le Carpe Diem tunis

We’ve spoken about Tunis being a much quieter night than rival areas although if you are looking to get your dancing shoes on, Le Carpe Diem goes against this grain and is actually one of the few lively establishments around.

It’s a cross between a restaurant and active bar, with the outside garden serving all sorts of small plates such as sushi. There is a great array of cocktails available and the establishment tends to attract a lot of students and young professionals from around the area.

Le Carpe Diem is open from 6pm to 2am – meaning that you can effectively plan your whole night around this venue.


Bar Jamaica

Bar Jamaica tunis

One thing that you may notice during a trip to Tunis is that a lot of people will merely turn to their hotels for entertainment. Many have their own bars and this is the case with Bar Jamaica, with this establishment actually part of the hugely popular El-Hana hotel. It’s on the 10th floor of the hotel – allowing you to bask in some truly terrific views of the city.

While it’s still quite a small bar, many guests come away lauding the music which tends to be in the style of lounge and pop. There are funky lights protruding through the venue and the whole feel is that of sophistication. It also means that it’s one of the more expensive bars in town, which you should account for prior to visiting.


Le Boeuf sur le Toit

Le Boeuf sur le Toit tunis

With Le Boeuf sur le Toit open until 2am, it’s another option if you’re looking to dance the night away. Not only that, this venue also contains a restaurant which is regarded as one of the tastiest in the area.

You’ll often find well-known DJs or live bands performing here and it’s for this reason why it tends to attract a young, stylish crowd. This is usually made up of a mixture of locals and foreigners – providing a good mix and allowing you to settle comfortably.

Just like most nightlife venues in Tunis, Le Boeuf sur le Toit doesn’t have a traditional layout either. A lot of it is based outdoors and you can find yourself mulling around the exquisite gardens and fountains as you carry your drink.

Additionally, if you’re looking for alternative music – this is the place to be.


Café El M’rabet

Café El M’rabet tunis

As you will soon start to realize, the vibrant Tunis nightlife establishments seem to stop here. From this point on, it’s all about indulging in the quieter, local culture and Café El M’rabet most certainly falls into this category.

Situated near to the medina, this is hardly the bar that you would expect to find at home. Firstly, the interiors are decked out in Arabian colors and furniture – and you can sit sipping on your local tea under the lights of Moroccan lamps.

On the subject of sitting, this isn’t a cafe which is going to provide you with traditional chairs and tables. Instead, you’ll be perched on carpets and cushions alongside low tables.

It’s a style that certainly wouldn’t be accepted at home – but you’re now in Tunis. It’s something which really allows you to get involved in the local culture and most visitors find themselves to be in their element doing this.


Cubana Café

Cubana Café tunis

Admittedly, this might not be a traditional Tunisian bar, but it’s something that’s often a favorite amongst visitors to Tunis nevertheless.

As some of you may have gathered with the name, this is a Latin bar and it also serves exquisite food during the day (we highly recommend the quesadillas).

However, like a lot of places in Tunis, it changes to more of a drinking establishment during the evening. Live acts often perform there, while the whole deco is Cuban and done out terrifically.


Nuba Bar

Nuba Bar tunis

If we turn back to the hotels, Nuba Bar is based on the ground floor of the Hotel La Jetée in La Goulette.

If you’re on the lookout for electronic music, this could be your pick. It tends to attract a lot of young locals from Tunis, and this just adds to the whole occasion.

It’s another one of the Tunis bars which also serves food and you can munch away on various tapas dishes through the evening. In fact, with Nuba Bar open until 3am – it’s actually one of the preferred options if you want to extend your evening as late as possible.


Café / Restaurant Culturel El Ali

Café Culturel El Ali tunis

The final pick is something that isn’t going to appeal to the party-goers, but instead it’s for those of you who want to sample as much Tunis culture as possible.

A lot of people will be attracted to the rooftop terrace which provides idyllicviews of the Zitouna Mosque below. Additionally, with Café Culturel El Ali situated inside the medina, it’s one of the easier bars to find in the area.

The Tunisian food on offer is absolutely second to none, while a lot of guests are quick to praise the smoothies and sweet mint tea which are renowned here.

Inside, you’re not going to find banging music. Instead, it’s more library-esque, with the atmosphere homely to say the least and just allowing you to bask in the local surroundings.

Many local bands will take to Café Culturel El Ali through the week so you should definitely keep an eye out and try and catch one. You’ll still be home early though – this bar tends to close by 10.30pm.

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