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Getting back to nature is always a worthwhile pursuit, and few places are more suited for a reintroduction to nature as the national parks in Tunisia. As a collection, they offer a variety of animals, climates and overall scenery so that (if visiting several) you can explore many of Mother Nature’s natural joys.


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Why a National Park in Tunisia


Granted, there are places in Tunisia featuring every modern convenience and pleasure, and they are worth your attention. However, there is something to be said for stepping away from manmade goods.


If your suffer, for example, from eye strain or back aches from sitting in front of a computer, you may want to explore something less technical. Of course, you may just be a fan of beauty, for Tunisia’s parks are aesthetic treasures (some of them are also world treasures, as identified by the United Nations).


national park ichkeul


Pick a Park or Take a Tour


If you just want taste of nature in between your water skiing and night-club dancing, you may want to just pick a single park to view. In this case, look for a location that is closest to your primary points of interest.


If you want an in-depth view, look for tours which guide traveling observers through many of Tunisia’s National Parks. Or, to make things easy, speak to your travel agent in advance for help in choosing just the right option.



national park in tunisia, bouhedma

Bouhedma National Park, Tunisia


Tunisia’s National Parks: a Sampling


Tunisia has 8 national parks in total, each containing an intricate, beautiful eco-system. Perhaps the most well known of these parks is the Ichkeul National Park, containing a wetland which is home to literally thousands of different bird breeds.


Yet another option is the El Feija National Park, renowned for its many reptiles and mammals. The National Park of Chaambi, which contains the highest point in the whole African country, was designated by the United Nations as a special reserve for the flora and fauna which grow in its boundaries.


The Bouhedma National Park is famous for containing many rare creatures, such as Barbary sheep.


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Just Remember…


You may want to bring cameras with you, in order to document your trip to Tunisia (and secure your bragging rights) but there are rules which govern these parks and cameras (and other items) may not be allowed.


Make sure you read up on the rules before entering the site.

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