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Those that decide to take a hunting trip to Tunisia are going to find that the area is prime for hunting wild boars. In fact, this is some of the most common hunting that people are partaking on when they visit the area.

There are a few things to remember about hunting wild board in Tunisia. One of the first is that this is only allowed through using shot guns. There are no other methods in which the person can hunt these wild boar. They will find that there are several shops in the area that can provide the person with the slugs that are needed in order to take down the wild boar.





Secondly, the wild boar that is being hunted in Tunisia are going to basically be herded towards the hunters. And this is the only way that they can be hunted. With this the hunter will hide, while more experienced people are herding them towards them. They will then take their shots. During this time, the person has to be sure that they are not seen or the boars will simply run the other way, as they do have very good eyesight.


For those that are interested there are several companies that offer hunting guides in order to help them, and this is something that is recommended. Wild boars can be dangerous if the person does not really know what they are doing. They will find that these packages are going to include their hotel and the guide, as well as their food in most cases. There are some fees that the person pays to hunt that is paid to the government for what they kill.


Thrush hunting is also something that many people come to Tunisia to do. These thrush are going to only be hunted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any other time is a violation of federal law. With that being said, the same programs can be found for thrush hunting as there are for boar hunting.


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The hunter will find that they are going to end up with a ton of thrush that they can hunt,since there is not as many limits on just how much the person can hunt in order to help them to meet certain requirements. With that being said, there are restrictions such as the time frames in which the person can hunt, which is something that people have to keep in mind since they do not want to get fined for this.


Overall, there are several people that travel to Tunisia just for hunting, and they are going to find that this can be something that they highly enjoy doing.

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