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Tunisia is not just a place for vacations; it is a country rife with adventures. One of the best adventures available is horseback riding. If you think you know what that means (who hasn’t been to the races, or at least seen them on TV) think again, because horse riding in Tunisia involves a lot more than betting on your lucky number.


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No Experience Required


Never ridden anything besides the municipal bus? A lack experience makes some shy away from the idea of horse riding.


How can you have any kind of horseback adventure when you’re not even sure you can manage your bike? Luckily for you, there is no level of experience required. Granted, if you’re your own jockey, you will have no trouble finding an equestrian trail that suits your expertise. However, if you are starting from zero there are plenty of horse-riding activities that will teach you the basics.



Pick Your Setting


The benefit of a horseback adventure in Tunisia is that you can effectively pick your setting. Have you always had an urge to travel down the shoreline with the wind in your hair and a mighty steed at your command? There’s a place for that in Tunisia.


Or, maybe you want something more adventurous, such as one of the horseback camping adventures some establishments offer; these trips last several days, and combine the thrill of riding through an ancient desert trail with nightly camping underneath the clear skies.


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Plan, Plan, Plan


There are numerous equestrian centers across Tunisia. Some offer activities and trails for experts only. Others, such as those run by the Berber tribes, feature horsemen and teachers whose families have been on horseback for thousands of years.


The best way to find just the right horse riding adventure is to create an honest plan. Decide how good you are on horseback. Too easy an activity and you will be bored; too difficult and you will be in danger. Then, research the different equestrian activities available in Tunisia to find one that fits your schedule and your wallet.

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