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South of Tunisia, the Chaambi Mountain rises spectacularly into the sharp blue sky. Offering visitors ample hiking and climbing opportunities, the Chaambi Mountain is Tunisia’s highest, boasting an elevation of over 1544 meters / 5000 feet.


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Part of the Atlas Mountains, which snake across Tunisia as well as Morocco and Algeria for over 1000 miles, the Chaambi Mountain is also known as Jebel ech Chambi. It towers over the city of Kasserine.
At an elevation of over 1500 meters only, not as high as Zermatt mountains in Switzerland, the Chaambi Mountain offers, however, a full seven month season, from March until October, giving spirited hikers the opportunity to fully explore the pine-laden slopes. The mountain is able to be traversed by walking, making it perfect for both new and seasoned hikers.


The Chaambi Mountain is also a national park, the Djebel Chambi National Park, making the mountain a favorite for climbers. Covered with Aleppo pine forests, the park is home to around one hundred types of plants. Around twenty-five years ago, many species of animals were reintroduced into this area.


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Now, while breathing in the fresh mountain air and enjoying the whisper of wind along the pine-laden slopes, visitors may view exotic animals in their natural habitat.


There are now around twenty four different species of mammals in this area, as well as over fifteen types of reptiles. Frequently sheep such as the Barbary, or Aoudad, can be seen grazing, their massively curved horns a spectacular sight. Their young frequently cavort on the rocky slopes almost from birth, March to May, perfectly coinciding with the hiking season.


Many species of gazelle, such as Cuvier’s and Dorcas, can also be seen while hiking. The gentle Addax, boasting impressive spiraled horns, makes for a spectacular photograph. Visitors may see a Ruppell’s fox, cape hares, and perhaps even a glimpse of the timid golden jackal in the beauty of this mountain. Sometimes, chattering may be heard in this serene environment.


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Following the sound, visitors may come across a rather chubby little mammal known as the Gundi. Living in large colonies on the rocky slopes, the Gundi are quite vocal and are a refreshing sight to see.
Cameras and binoculars are a necessity for hikers eager to capture such amazing views and abundant wildlife. The


Chaambi Mountain offers both beginners and experienced hikers the ability to truly escape civilization and enjoy nature at its finest.

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