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There’s little doubt that Hammamet is one of the most popular destinations for tourism in Tunisia and whether you are looking for beaches, culture or water sports it has it all.

One could spend an age penning all of the things to do in Hammamet; while it has always had immense history behind it, it now well and truly caters to tourists.

Bearing the above in mind, you probably won’t be surprised to read that there are many hotels available to stay in. We’ll now take a look at the best ten in the area to help you along your way.

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Hotel Diar Lemdina

Hotel Diar Lemdina hammamet tunisia

As you’ll find through our guide, there’s no such thing as an “average” hotel in Hammamet. Competition is fierce for all of the tourists that frequent the area and as such, each hotel has to have something special to entice you.

With Hotel Diar Lemdina appearing at the top of our list, it goes without saying that there are plenty of special features here. From the moment you step inside the establishment you’ll find the whole architecture and feel is just extravagant – it feels more like a palace.

The beach is quite literally on the doorstep, the rooms are spacious and to top it all off – you’ll struggle to find a better animations team. They really do make the effort to make your stay memorable, as is the case with all of the staff who work at Hotel Diar Lemdina.


Sentido Phenicia

Hotel Sentido Phenicia hammamet tunisia

Fortunately, the standard doesn’t drop as we move onto our next pick; Sentido Phenicia. This is again surrounded in luxury and one glimpse of the pool will highlight why. It’s not a standard, rectangular resort pool – it’s curved, surrounded by rocks, palm trees and everything else that defines luxury.

There’s more to life than the pool, though. There is also a golf course on the grounds, while the sea is again just a short distance away.

Just like the previous hotel we looked at, the animations team should be given a special mention here. They are constantly vying for the attention of guests and whether its football, darts or even salsa – there are more than enough activities to satisfy everyone.


The Orangers Beach Resort Bungalows

The Orangers Beach Resort Bungalows

Set in the palm trees, the Orangers Beach Resort is another classic in Hammamet. While the pool may not be quite as creative as the previous hotel, it’s still carved into the building which again means that it stands out from most that you will have been to.

Additionally, there is plenty of sun loungers available on the pleasant decking – allowing you to completely relax and catch the sun with ease.

Food and drink is served all-day, every day and is lauded by previous guests. A lot of rooms have a sea view as well, which can just complete the “picturesque” experience that this resort provides.


Iberostar Averroes

Iberostar Averroes hammamet tunisia

We’ve already spoken about swimming pools which aren’t of the standard size and shape and as soon as you set foot in Iberostar Averroes, you’ll see another that’s worthy of some sort of award. There are countless pools available in this resort and the variety means that its ideal for families.

In fact, the whole vibe of Iberostar Averroes is one of sophistication. The rooms boast deco which just seems to be completely above hotel standard, while even the chefs appear to go the extra mile with their presentation of the food.

All in all, this is one of the best hotels in the area. The fact it is also situated next to the beach just adds to the charm.


La Badira

La Badira hammamet tunisia

Based near the Medina, it would be fair to say that La Badira certainly has the “location, location, location” factor.

As well as the above, it also happens to be utterly luxurious. It’s for this reason that it tends to attract a lot of couples on their honeymoon, or others looking for romance, with touches such as the infinity pools being a main reason behind this.

All of the suites are decked out fantastically, with some even boasting their own hot tubs. The staff are also highly attentive and will service your every need without question.


Hammamet Garden Resort & Spa

Hammamet Garden Resort & Spa hammamet tunisia

If you’re looking for a hotel just based on its pool, you won’t go far wrong with the Hammamet Garden Resort & Spa. The outdoor pool is absolutely gigantic and is surrounded by accommodation that is renowned for its beauty and cleanliness.

As well as the pool, the resort basks in picturesque gardens, while all of the out-buildings such as pool-side bars have thatched roofs.

When you also consider the fact that the staff are exceptionally helpful, friendly and will do anything to enhance your stay, it comes as no surprise to see Hammamet Garden Resort & Spa as one of the favorites in the region.


Tui Magic Life Africana

Tui Magic Life Africana hammamet tunisia

As you would expect from any hotel donning one of the big hotel brands, the Tui Magic Life Africana offers guests aplenty.

It’s probably one of the more modern establishments in the region, while yet again the outdoor areas are out of this world. The pools are surrounded by palm trees and rocks, while the gardens are impeccably maintained.

With the majority of guests also quick to praise the food on offer, this is another resort that should unquestionably be considered if you are staying in the Hammamet region.


Hotel Palace Oceana Hammamet

Hotel Palace Oceana Hammamet hammamet tunisia

Any hotel which uses the word “palace” in its name has plenty to live up to, but it appears as though this establishment has ticked all of the boxes and is another must-see in Hammamet.

The service at this hotel is one of the best around and as soon as your drink is empty, it’ll be topped up and you’ll barely notice. As well as the small touches like that, the overall architecture is hugely impressive and you’ll be taken aback by the towering reception.

It boasts fantastic sea views, plenty of places to sit and sunbathes as well as a large outdoor pool. It’s suitable for pretty much everyone.


Holiday Village Manar

Holiday Village Manar hammamet tunisia

Holiday Village Manar is one of the few resorts which will be suitable whatever the weather – with the indoor pool and spa providing plenty of versatility to this establishment.

However, let’s also give a mention to the outdoor pool. To say this is perfect for families would be an understatement; it has countless slides and is more like a water park than a standard hotel swimming pool.

While most guests won’t be able to wrench themselves away from the pool, there is also a beach on the boundary which again adds the family-factor to Holiday Village Manar.

With a terrific set of staff, and one of the most vibrant animation teams around, we really couldn’t recommend this resort enough.


Medina Solaria & Thalasso

Medina Solaria & Thalasso hammamet tunisia

We’ve just spoken about impressive pools for the previous hotel, but Medina Solaria & Thalasso also has its own set. The outdoor pool at this hotel is more like an ocean and swirls around rocks, trees and other foliage that makes it perfect to explore.

The whole resort can be described as premium, clean and just oozes sophistication. There is also plenty to do through the day and evening, with the animations team arranging music, darts and a whole host of other activities.

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