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Tunisia is a land of adventure and intrigue, a place where you can set aside words like “ordinary” and “usual” and embrace the unique, fantastic, bold and daring. It is a place to shrug off your normal routine and live out a dream.

Here are ten adventurous things to do in Tunisia.


1) Hot Air Ballooning

The clean, fresh, warm air and the beautiful, sprawling landscapes of the small African nation make it a perfect place to kiss the ground goodbye and set yourself adrift with a hot air ballooning. If sailing through the skies is not enough of a thrill for you, there are numerous Sahara-based races to participate in.


hot air balloon



2) Camel Rides

It is not often that you can say you trekked across the desert on the back of a camel – but in Tunisia, this is a real possibility. The trips, which range from a brief ride to a weeklong voyage into the desert with only your supplies to sustain you, are both popular and exciting.


camel ride


3) Diving

If dessert sand is not your thing, bring your diving gear and take the plunge into the seas off of Hammamet. There are untold discoveries to be made here, where the waters still hold coral reefs, old shipwrecks and mysterious, hidden deep-sea caves.


diving tunisia



4) Explore Matmata’s Caves

These ancient caves are beautiful and elegant, in their own way, allowing for hours of exploration. They may also remind you of the dessert planet of Tattooine – with good reason, since they were the setting of the planet in the genre-defining A New Hope. Thankfully, you probably won’t find any canteens full of villainy and scum.


matmata caves



5) Red Lizard Train

Take a seat on the Red Lizard Train, which was originally built back in the 1800’s by the French Colonialists. Peer out the window and take in all the natural but strange rock formations which have been created naturally.


red lezard train



6) Motorbike Trip

If you are looking for adrenaline gift ideas for men, consider treating your man to a Motorbike trip through the Sahara. There is nowhere else where you have the same open space, freedom of movement and ability to go crashing through the dessert dunes.


motorbike trip



7) Windsurfing

If riding a camel doesn’t seem like enough fast action for you, then a day of cruising the shoreline while windsurfing may be just what you are looking for. Just imagine the wind in your hair and the power of the ocean beneath your feet, and you will likely have a hard time resisting the urge to surf.




8 ) Medina of Tunis

Not every adventure is built on non-stop adrenaline. Sometimes, the adventure is discovering a world unlike anything you have ever encountered – something that is possible when you go to the medina of Tunis, where the markets and scenery hearken back to a different age, recalling ancient times and surprising historical detail.


medina tunis



9) Visit the Holy City

The Holy City of Kairouan is an old city, one of the most prominent and holy cities according to the Islamic faith. Officially declared a World Heritage Site, the city hosts the great Mosque of Uqba, which spans some 9,000 square meters and contains many different art exhibits.





10) Climb the Steps of the El Djem Amphitheater

The Amphitheater in El Djem is huge, the biggest coliseum in North Africa and one of the largest overall. Once built during the golden age of the Roman Empire, the amphitheater is now a perfect spot to climb up and get a perfect view of surrounding areas.


el jem

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