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The Kerkennah Islands are nestled in the Gulf of Gabes, off the eastern coast of Tunisia. Offering a step back in time to a simpler day, Kerkennah Islands are perfect for holiday travelers.


Kerkennah Location Map

Kerkennah Location

This forgotten paradise is almost untouched by history, save a brief point. During the Roman Empire, Kerkennah and its natives were displaced while Kerkennah was utilized as a port and strategic viewpoint. After the Roman Empire collapsed, Kerkennah once more belonged to its people.


A reminder of Kerkennah Island history can be seen in the Borj el Hissar, ancient ruins of a fort built almost 1000 years ago. In the 16th century, this fort was rebuilt by the Spanish. Appearing as if it were quietly disappearing into the Gulf of Gabes, the Borj el Hissar is a compelling sight. Travelers will marvel at the Roman mosaics and the remains of the Roman fortress itself.


Borj El Hissar

Borj El Hissar

Travelling in the ferry, holiday travelers will soon see exotic palm trees swaying in the breeze, and shallow waters beckoning them to swim. The ferry stops at the smaller, southern island which is connected to the larger, northern island by a causeway.
Holiday travelers will find the Kerkennah Islands peaceful and unspoiled. The locals do not believe in roadways intersecting and detracting from the Islands’ true beauty. While the main towns and port have roads, the rest of the island does not. As a result, charming tracks as from old can be seen.


The Islands are picturesque, with little villages near the sheltered bays, and everywhere palm trees and fig trees. Kerkennah Islands have remained somewhat unnoticed. It is this very gift that makes Kerkennah Islands the perfect holiday paradise. For those who want something different, far away from the jostling people, Kerkennah Islands is idyllic.



Remla, the capitol of the Kerkennah Islands, is located on the eastern coast. Quaint and small, Remla offers holiday vacationers charming hamlets in which to eat. Restaurants in Remla, such as the Sirene, will tempt holiday travelers with the freshest fruits of the sea.


Kerkennah Islands also offers the village of El Attaia. A fishing village, holiday travelers exploring El Attaia’s simple streets will feel as though they have stepped back in time.


Kerkennah Islands offers one of the most picturesque and charming ports. Situated between the Island of Gremdi and the northern area of the village at the strait, the port is colorful and exotic. Holiday travelers will be amazed to see quaint clay pots by the port. Fishermen use these clay pots to trick the octopus into a sense of security within the pot, and they are easily retrieved.


Port - Kerkennah

Port – Kerkennah

Kerkennah fisherman take pride in the maintenance of their boats and each boat is colorfully painted. A colorful clash of these brightly painted boats is indicative of Kerkennah Island natives’ pride in their ownership.
Holiday travelers will be pleased to find several hotels on Kerkennah Islands. These hotels offer charming rooms with private balconies facing the beautiful bay. Vacationers will greet each day opening their shutters to a beautiful sky, and the blue waters of Sidi Frei bay.


Vacationers will be pleased to learn Kerkennah Islands offer delicious foods, fresh from the sea. Seafood platters will become a favorite.


kerkennah seafood



Almost otherworldly, Kerkennah Islands offers nature’s calming beauty, tempting beaches and quaint villages that holiday travelers will never want to leave.


kerkennah sunset

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